We at TBRF have always pushed for the highest standards in imparting education and guiding all our students to achieving their best. We have excellent counsellors to guide aspiring candidates for the Merchant Navy (Main fleet, Offshore & Cruise / Passenger Vessels). We help these aspirants to prepare for IMU-CET.


We conduct various Maritime courses including but not limited to Value Added Courses & Modular Courses. We are always pushing the envelope to achieve greater knowledge & skills so that all those who are associated with us are able to continuously upgrade themselves and have a bright future. We welcome you to come study with us and experience a world of difference in your approach towards shipping industry in particular and to your life in general!

Three Bees Research Foundation

Our Mission

1. Achieve academic excellence in professional education at par with the leading national and international institutions.
2. Focus on practical aspects of the course material so as to make learning a meaningful and Interesting experience in our intellectually stimulating campus.
3. Create an environment with people having similar goals and aspirations to be visionaries.
4. Actively encourage collaboration with industries, communities and the fellow institutions in the country and abroad.
5. Work to inculcate high moral and ethical values amongst the students to make them responsible citizens and good human beings & imbibe the winner’s attitude necessary for achieving success.

Our Vision

1. We aim to lead the maritime world in research and education. We seek to do this in ways which benefit society on a national as well as international level.
2. We shall work effectively with other maritime institutions and organizations, where such partnerships can lead to outstanding research and teaching.
3. We shall recruit and retain the best academic staff.
4. We shall ensure, through a commitment to the personal education of each student, a quality of education and experience which enables students to apply the values, skills, and intellectual discipline they have acquired in their future lives and careers, and which generates a lifelong sense of connection with their Alma Mater.
5. We shall monitor progress against our priorities, commitments, and aims using relevant performance indicators, benchmarks, and targets thus ensuring that we continue to meet academic needs, thus enabling us to respond to the external environment, and stay updated as appropriate.

Cruise Lines

We work on international borders worldwide

Merchant Navy Training

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We at TBRF have always pushed for the highest standards in imparting education and guiding all our students to achieving their best.